• HAVE FUN! Be social, Make friends, Laugh & Giggle!

  • NO Shoes or bare feet on Inflatables (Special exceptions apply for shoes. Please contact us for details)

  • Must wear socks at all times. 

  • UPDATED: NO shoes or bare feet allowed in our Playroom due to new flooring. ALL guests must remove their shoes (even those who are not playing) & all guests must wear socks while in our Playroom

  • Only ages 11 & under are allowed on the inflatables.

  • Adults are not allowed to play on the equipment at any time.

  • Only ages 3 & under are allowed in the toddler area 

  • NO climbing on the Obstacle Tunnel

  • NO running up the slide

  • NO running in the Lobby or Party Room

  • NO food or drink in the Bounce Room

  • Stay off the edges of all bounce houses (to avoid falls and ouchies!)

  • NO hitting, kicking, pushing or fighting

  • NO outside toys allowed

  • Please do not go behind Inflatables

  • " 2-Warning Rule " -- If BB staff has to discipline your child more than two times, and the child is still not listening, we will ask you to handle the situation. If you do not handle the situation, your child may not continue to play. 

  • Thank you for helping us keep you and your children safe and ouchie free!

COVID-19 Business Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-3pm

Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday: Private Parties Only (Contact us for Party availability).

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