According to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services, COVID-19 is an international, national and North Carolina public health emergency. North Carolina is currently under Safer At Home Phase 3.



The safety of our guests, your friends, family, & our employees, is as always, of the utmost importance here at Bungalow Bounce! Here's what we're doing:

  • Our Staff will take everyone’s temperature (at our Front Desk closest to the door) before allowing entrance into the play area.

  • Children age 10 and under do not have to wear a face mask while playing; however, it’s mandatory for ages 11 + to wear a mask.

  • If you don't hang around someone everyday, we are to try to social distance (6ft).

  • DURING OPEN PLAY: Max of 50 people will be allowed in our facility at any one time when we are open for the public play.

  • If you do not feel well, we ask you to please stay home for the safety of our community.


To ensure Bungalow Bounce is cleaned & sanitized properly, here's what we're doing:

  • Every bathroom is cleaned, sprayed and wiped down with Clorox or Lysol. We also have other PPE approved cleaners that work just as well.

  • Any areas we know kids and adults may touch is sprayed with Lysol and/or Clorox. This includes the Toddler area, every bench, every door handle, the games, and the bouncers. We wipe down every table and chair in our Party Room.

  • We use a disinfectant fogger to ensure the bouncers are thoroughly sprayed and disinfected.

  • Our entire place will be disinfected along with our wipe downs.

  • DURING OPEN PLAY: Between 2:30pm-3pm, we will ask everyone to leave the bounce area so we can clean the bouncers, arcade, and toddler area with our disinfectant fogger.


We understand everyone’s fear as we have the same fears as well. Please be assured Bungalow Bounce takes cleaning/sanitizing very seriously. We want our families to have a peace of mind knowing our facility is properly cleaned & sanitized.

Staying apart brings us together.


COVID-19 Business Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-3pm

Friday: 10am-5pm

Saturday-Sunday: Private Parties Only (Contact us for Party availability).

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